Mamedica in the press: Raising awareness every day!

According to recent research, 19% of Brits seek holistic and alternative forms of treatment as wait lists continue to increase. That’s why we’re proud to be providing a safe space for UK adults looking to access medical cannabis via a legal and effective route. At Mamedica, we offer unrestricted access to the widest range of cannabis-based prescription medicines available in the UK. 

With over half of UK adults admitting they have lived with a long-term health condition for over five years and have not found a remedy that works, we believe it is important to share research and patient stories to educate society on the benefits of medical cannabis, especially to those who may not have considered it before. Our personalised treatment plans, specialist support, and an unmatched patient experience through virtual consultations and doorstep prescription deliveries ensure you find lasting relief when traditional routes have been ineffective. In this blog, we’d like to discuss patient stories we have brought to the national press and media to highlight the therapeutic potential of medical cannabis treatment. 

Battling PMDD: Lucy Hartshorn’s experience

Mamedica patient Lucy Hartshorn shared her story with the Daily Mirror, detailing her decade-long struggle to receive a correct diagnosis for PMDD.

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After years of being dismissed and misdiagnosed, Lucy found life-changing relief through medical cannabis. “For a long time, I didn’t realize what it was. I was misdiagnosed with all sorts of things for years. I thought something was really wrong with me, and everyone wrote it off as just being moody.”

Lucy endured severe PMDD symptoms, including cramps, headaches, joint and muscle pain, as well as emotional symptoms like suicidal feelings. She first noticed a change when her period stopped during pregnancy, allowing her to identify the connection between her symptoms and her menstrual cycle. This realisation eventually led to her correct diagnosis of PMDD after the birth of her daughter.

Now, Lucy experiences relief through medical cannabis, which not only alleviates her period pain but also helps regulate her mood. Read more about Lucy’s story here.

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Chronic pain relief: Richard Mascarenhas shares his story

Richard shared his positive experience with medical cannabis, highlighting how it has drastically improved his quality of life. Suffering from severe chronic pain, traditional medications offered little relief and came with significant side effects. 

Since switching to medical cannabis, Richard has seen a remarkable reduction in pain and discomfort, allowing him to live more comfortably and actively. His story underscores the potential benefits of medical cannabis as a viable treatment option for chronic pain sufferers. You can watch Richard’s full story here.

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Lack of access to ADHD treatment: Kris Witham’s story

The wait times for formal ADHD medication can extend up to five years, driven by a 400% increase in adult referrals since 2020. Kris Witham, diagnosed with ADHD at 29, had previously tried various traditional treatments like Ritalin and talking therapy but found them ineffective. 

Kris had been self-medicating with illegal cannabis since age 15, which he described as “life-changing” for managing his symptoms. Now 30, Kris legally uses medical cannabis, prescribed by Mamedica in tailored strains, to alleviate his debilitating symptoms. Despite the stigma, he believes cannabis has profoundly improved his ability to function, helping him with daily tasks, schoolwork, and maintaining focus. Read Kris’ story here.

Adrienne’s debilitating struggle with endometriosis

Adrienne, a 24-year-old account executive living in London, relies on medical cannabis to manage her severe endometriosis symptoms.

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Each morning, she carefully measures out a dose of cannabis oil, a routine she’s perfected through months of trial and error. This has become pivotal in easing her debilitating flare-ups. 

Adrienne, diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis, was encouraged to explore cannabis as a treatment after reading about its effectiveness and hearing positive testimonials from other sufferers. Today, the cannabis oil helps alleviate her nausea, aids her sleep, and restores her appetite during painful episodes, without inducing a traditional ‘high’.

For Adrienne and others navigating chronic conditions, medical cannabis represents a vital yet challenging avenue of relief, amidst a landscape of legal and accessibility hurdles. Read the full story here.

How do I become a patient with Mamedica?

Mamedica supports patients of all backgrounds who are living with chronic conditions. If you are diagnosed with any of the ailments listed here or have other symptoms, then cannabis-based prescription medicines (CBPMs) may be the right treatment for you.

We have also written multiple blogs on the benefits of medical cannabis – including the power of terpenes and cannabinoids like CBD and THC.

As the UK’s fastest-growing medical cannabis clinic, we are open to discussions with patients from all backgrounds looking for a solution for their chronic condition. To get started, complete our eligibility form here.