Medical Cannabis Awareness Week 2023: Everything you need to know

Why does Medical Cannabis Awareness Week exist?

This week exists to bring together individuals from across the medical cannabis space, from patients and advocates to prescribers and organisation leaders, to encourage conversations around medical cannabis treatment in the UK.

It is also an opportunity for organisations and researchers to share research and patient stories to educate society on the benefits of medical cannabis, especially to those who may not have considered it before.

medical cannabis awareness week

If you’re wondering why safe and legal access to medical cannabis is important, let’s look at our research from 2022.

Nearly 1 in 4 UK adults told us they have tried at least three different medications for their chronic pain but have not found them effective. Meanwhile, over half of UK adults have lived with a long-term health condition for over five years and have not found a remedy that works.

With so many people living with a chronic pain condition in the UK – without finding relief from traditional meds – Medical Cannabis Awareness Week offers us a great chance to improve accessibility to safe and legal medical cannabis treatment for those who are eligible.

chronic pain cycle

When was medical cannabis legalised in the UK?

01 November 2023 marks five years since medical cannabis was legalised in the UK. Whilst the NHS has only approved five prescriptions, 140,000 prescriptions have been provided by private medical cannabis clinics, such as Mamedica, showing an increasing demand for safe cannabis-based prescriptions. 

Medical cannabis awareness week

How is Mamedica meeting the demand for safe treatment?

In line with the growing demand for alternative medical treatments for chronic health conditions, we employ a growing workforce of doctors specialising in pain relief, psychiatry, neurology and cancer-related illness. 

Meanwhile, our expert clinic team are always on hand to support patients at every stage of their journey. 

According to recent research, 76% of Brits are willing to use cannabis as medicine if their doctor prescribes it. That’s why we’re proud to be providing a safe space for UK adults looking to access medical cannabis via a safe and legal route.

Our service offers unrestricted access to the widest range of cannabis-based prescription medicines available in the UK, and our healthcare model has been designed to deliver an unmatched patient experience through virtual consultations with a specialist consultant.

Where can I hear from a medical cannabis patient?

Medical Cannabis Awareness Week is a great time to share the life-changing benefits of medical cannabis.

We are proud to share our patients’ experiences with medical cannabis with those who may never have considered treatment before. Whilst the stigma of using cannabis-based medication still exists, encouraging open conversations between patients is key.

Listen to our patient Kris Witham in conversation with Sky News here. He discusses the incredible impact medical cannabis had on his ADHD symptoms. 

Meanwhile, to hear from a patient who found incredible relief from his painful arthritis symptoms, click here.

Or if you’re curious to learn how medical cannabis can support patients who live with anxiety, hear from Mamedica patient Calli in conversation with The Times.

How do I become a patient with Mamedica?

Mamedica supports patients of all backgrounds who are living with chronic conditions. If you are diagnosed with any of the ailments listed here or have other symptoms, then cannabis-based prescription medicines (CBPMs) may be the right treatment for you.

We have also written multiple blogs on the benefits of medical cannabis – including the power of terpenes and cannabinoids like CBD and THC.

As the UK’s fastest-growing medical cannabis clinic, we are open to discussions with patients from all backgrounds looking for a solution for their chronic condition. To get started, complete our eligibility form here.