Men’s Health Awareness Month

November has been Men’s Health Awareness Month. Throughout the month-long event, the spotlight has been on encouraging conversation around men’s health issues to reduce stigma and reluctancy to seek help.

We can’t explore men’s health without focusing on the disconnect between men’s mental health and men receiving the support they need. In this study, men are said to be nearly half as likely to get the help they deserve.

Join us as we look at the key facts and the emotional barriers men face when seeking treatment. Plus, we’ll share Andy Lowe’s story about his experience using medicinal cannabis for his condition and how it has changed his life for the better.

What mental health treatment are men receiving?  

Suicide remains the largest cause of death for men under 50, yet only 36% of all referrals to NHS talking therapies are for men. This leaves many opting for the prescription medicine route instead. In fact, a staggering 2.8 million men were prescribed antidepressants in the last two years.  

Medicinal cannabis has become increasingly valuable for easing symptoms associated with common mental health issues – from depression and anxiety, to sleep and some forms of PTSD.  Our research shows that 3.7 million men report having used anti-depressants but found that it did not help their mental health at all.

Given the growing shift away from anti-depressant drugs, our holistic and patient-centric approach to treating mental health symptoms could go some way in providing an alternative route for men.


Men sat on sofa with head in hands for men's health awareness month

Could medical cannabis benefit men’s health?

When traditional medications have not been effective, it’s important that men can access a treatment that might be more suitable for them.

At Mamedica, we offer bespoke medicinal cannabis prescriptions to patients when conventional treatments have failed. We provide prescriptions for anxiety disorders, amongst various other psychiatric conditions. These prescriptions include lower doses of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive substance in cannabis, and higher levels of CBD which induces calming effects.

Does a delay in seeking help have any risks?  

Our research shows that 13% of men say they have left a long-term mental health issue untreated over many years in order to avoid prescription drugs.

However, if left untreated, mental health conditions can interfere with every part of life. Men may notice that they struggle to sleep and that their physical health deteriorates, whilst their motivation to work and maintain relationships declines.

Mamedica patient, Andy shares his story for men's health awareness month with the Evening Standard.

Meet Andy Lowe, Mamedica Patient

For Mamedica patient, Andy Lowe, the effect of medicinal cannabis on his life has been undeniable. He shared his story with the Evening Standard and hopes it will start a conversation about how many people could benefit from using medicinal cannabis as well.  

Five years ago, Andy Lowe was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) and began to decline rapidly. The physical pain he experienced left him unable to eat properly or have a good night’s sleep. Andy says medicinal cannabis ‘gave him his life back’ and has helped him to finally enjoy being alive again. Read Andy’s incredible story here 

A word from our psychiatric consultant

Dr Anup Mathew saw an amazing difference in her patients with common mental health issues after prescribing medicinal cannabis:

“Their mood, their hope, their view of the future – everything changed. Their side effect profiles changed because they were able to reduce their prescriptions for traditional medications – and in some cases come off those medications completely. Patients became less anxious, better able to function, were able to go back to work, start new relationships and engage with their families again.”

4 in 10 men have never spoken to anyone about their mental health, we spotlight the issue for men's health awareness month

How can I use medicinal cannabis for my mental health?

Our service can be used by anyone over the age of 18, on a referral basis, that meets the eligibility criteria. To find out if medicinal cannabis could work for you, click here to check your eligibility and either book in for a consultation or request a call back from a clinical co-ordinator.

Once your existing health records have been received by the clinic, you will meet with a specialist doctor via a secure online consultation link. If you and your doctor agree that medicinal cannabis could support your condition, a prescription will be written for either medical cannabis flower, capsules, oil or for vape cartridges. This prescription is sent onto Mamedica Dispensary where a member of the team will contact you regarding payment and delivery to your door.

Following your first consultation, patients are required to book four follow-ups to ensure the personalised treatment plan is effective during their first year as a patient. Thereafter, one check-in per year is required to monitor and assess the effectiveness of your treatment.