World Health Day 2023: How can medical cannabis help those over 50?

The global pandemic was a difficult time for millions of people, with unforeseen challenges we couldn’t possibly have imagined. Now three years later, millions of adults are still feeling the impact on their mental health – particularly those aged over 50.

Friday 7 April marks World Health Day, which gives us the opportunity to raise awareness of the need for alternative therapeutic solutions for those managing common mental health symptoms and how medical cannabis can help.

Our research found, 37% of those over 50 have normalised living with severe anxiety and have not found a remedy to help.

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How many adults over 50 are struggling with their mental health?

Research has shown that the mental health impact of the pandemic has prompted a “second midlife crisis” for the over-50s, with women disproportionately affected. Data from two esteemed UK universities has shown that in the months before the second lockdown, those born between 1958 and 1970 were experiencing the highest levels of psychological distress than ever before.

Findings from the study show that the second midlife mental health crisis is believed to accelerate and even exacerbate the onset and occurrence of chronic mental health and physical health difficulties.

As a result, since the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK has seen an exponential rise in the number of people taking antidepressants, with a staggering 83.4 million items prescribed in 2021/22, according to NHS data.

What mental health conditions are adults dealing with?

In our recent study, we asked adults in the UK about their experience with mental health and the remedies they have tried to manage their symptoms. The results were staggering: Over a third (37%) of those over 50 revealed they have normalised living with severe anxiety and have not found a remedy to help.

In fact, 16% of those over 50 avoid going to the GP, as they do not want to be prescribed stronger medication. These results are indicative of the demand for alternative therapeutic solutions for managing common mental health symptoms, and we want to raise awareness about how medical cannabis can help to alleviate worsening symptoms in older patients.

How does medical cannabis relieve symptoms associated with anxiety?

Medical cannabis can assist in regulating the body’s endocannabinoid system, a system in the body which predates so many systems we already have. It is involved with processing emotions such as fear, pain, stress, and anxiety. It has been proven how CBD and low doses of THC can help lessen the sense of dread and worry associated with anxiety for patients and instead, delivers a general improvement in wellbeing and happiness.

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Is medical cannabis a safe treatment for anxiety?

Since its legalisation for medical purposes in the UK in 2018, the benefits of using cannabis-based prescriptions to treat a range of health conditions have been well-documented. A recent study from Project Twenty21 revealed that after chronic pain, anxiety is the second most common indication for which medical cannabis is prescribed.

In fact, we found that 31% of those over 50 say that if they could treat their mental health condition with medical cannabis over depressants then they would because they think it’s safer.

Plus, adults over 50 are already using cannabis-based treatments, with a survey by Evopure finding that those over the age of 50 use CBD more frequently than any other age group. The average usage of CBD is 8 times a month in the UK, yet those over 50 use it 11 times a month on average.

Why is medical cannabis growing in popularity?

In our study, 34% of those over 50 that are receiving treatment for their mental health conditions feel that the treatment they are receiving is not personal to their condition.

Medical cannabis clinics like Mamedica specialise in bespoke treatments for conditions ranging from anxiety, chronic pain, ADHD and more. This offers a more tailored and patient-focused treatment plan to those who feel their current medication is not personalised enough to their symptoms. If you’d like to learn how prevalent chronic pain is in the UK, visit The Telegraph to read our recent feature.

How does treatment at Mamedica work?

After an initial consultation, patients of Mamedica are prescribed their bespoke medical cannabis treatment by a team of experienced clinicians and doctors. Our patients have access to regular check-ups and their medical cannabis prescriptions are sent straight to their door. If you have a condition that you would like to have treated, check your eligibility here.

Mamedica puts your safety, security, and satisfaction at the forefront of every activity, using only the most high-calibre consultants and support staff as part of our team.

Do you have any other questions about Mamedica or medical cannabis? Take a look at our Instagram or book a free call back with our clinic here.