The cannabis terpene series: Key things to know about Limonene.

Welcome to the second blog in our cannabis terpenes series where we’ll be looking at, Limonene.

After reading this, you’ll be aware of the potential benefits of the terpene, its smell, the recommended temperature to vape it at and the other plants you might find it in.

If you’re wondering what terpenes are and why they matter, look at our post here before we make a start.

What is limonene?

Limonene is an aromatic mono-terpene produced in a cannabis flower’s resin glands (the area that produces the cannabinoids) but, like many of the cannabis terpenes, it can be found in other species of botanicals too.

What are the potential benefits of limonene?

Studies on the effects of Limonene reveal that the compound has the ability to relieve stress, provide anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, increase energy and improve one’s mood. 

Consequently, research also reveals inhalation of the terpenes vapour can aid in the production of serotonin and dopamine in areas of the brain associated with anxiety and depression. 

Thanks to such energising and mood-boosting properties, cannabis strains containing high doses of Limonene maybe beneficial for managing symptoms associated with conditions such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), depression and chronic fatigue syndrome.

It’s worth noting, this zesty terpene does not just improve mood and serotonin production. Limonene can enhance the way our bodies absorb cannabinoids and other much needed terpenes through the skin and gut. Explaining why some experts suggest that cannabis strains with high doses can help regulate healthy digestion and gut functioning. 

What does it smell like?  

Limonene has a distinct scent that is reminiscent of citrus fruits such as orange, lemon and lime.  

How should I vape cannabis strains with high levels of limonene?  

The boiling point of this particular terpene is around 177 degrees. If you’re vaping a cannabis strain with high levels, we advise setting your vape to a similar temperature. This will maximise the therapeutic benefits.


Where can it be found? 

Limonene can be found in the rind of citrus fruits, such as lemons, limes and oranges. Plus, this terpene is used in popular foods such as fruit juices, desserts and sweets to give a lemon-like flavour.  

Will a cannabis strain with limonene work for me? 

At Mamedica, our doctors will determine a suitable strain for you based on your medical history to ensure the treatment is safe and effectiveFollowing your online consultation, patients will receive a personalised treatment plan based on your condition and concerns. If you’re looking to start medical cannabis treatment, click here to check your eligibility.