Myrcene: The cannabis terpene series

In this cannabis terpene series, we are breaking down the three main types of terpenes Myrcene, Limonene and Pinene. If you haven’t read it already, find out what terpenes are and why they matter in our blog here.

To begin our series, we’re focusing on one of the most prevalent cannabis terpenes: Myrcene. We’ll explore common effects, the scent it produces, ideal vape and boiling point temperature and explore the other plants you may find this terpene family in. So, what are we waiting for, let’s begin!

Myrcene is known for its relaxing, sedating effects. Therefore, a cannabis strain containing high levels of Myrcene has the potential to support a patient with falling asleep. Alongside the reduction of pain, stress and anxiety. Some experts also believe that this terpene could regulate other terpenes and cannabinoids (to further enhance anti-inflammatory effects.)

Mycrene cannabis plant.jpg

Is there a distinct smell?

Cannabis strains with high levels of Myrcene often smell slightly spicy, peppery and earthy. You might also notice some subtle sweet notes, not unlike those in exotic fruits. 

How should I vape cannabis with high levels of myrcene?

If you’re vaping a cannabis strain that has a high dose of Myrcene in it, we would recommend setting your vape temperature to 167 degrees Celsius (167°C) as this will match the recommended boiling point. Thereby, protecting the terpenes from damage as well as contributing to the relaxing effects of Myrcene. 

Unripe Mango. Mycrene Terpene. Mamedica.jpg

Where else might myrcene be found?

Myrcene is not exclusively found in cannabis. The terpene can also be found in many plant species, such as hops, lemongrass, basil and verbena. It’s also common to appear in the composition of tropical fruits such as mangos and guavas. 

How do I know what terpenes are best suited to me?

One of our specialist doctors will prescribe the correct strain of medical cannabis for your concerns after a consultation. Our medical cannabis prescriptions contain not only THC and CBD, but also terpenes and other plant compounds. After speaking to our consultants, you will receive a completely personalised treatment plan based on your condition. Check your eligibility for medical cannabis here.