Can I get medical cannabis on the NHS?

Accessing a medical cannabis prescription in the UK can be confusing, with many patients wondering “Can I get medical cannabis on the NHS?” In this article, we’ll answer the question and detail how you can access a prescription, safely and discreetly delivered to your door each month.

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Is medical cannabis legal?

Medical cannabis became legal in the UK on November 1, 2018. This followed a change in the law by the UK government, allowing specialist doctors to prescribe cannabis-based medicines covering THC, CBD and balanced cannabis profiles. Doctors are able to prescribe cannabis flower, oil, capsules and cartridges to support a number of conditions. You can learn more about those conditions here.

The NHS published that only “18 prescriptions for unlicensed cannabis-based products were dispensed in England between March and June 2020.”

Does the NHS provide cannabinoid treatment?

While medical cannabis is legal in the UK, it can be challenging to access, and many people wonder if they can get it through the NHS. The short answer is yes, it is possible to access medical cannabis through the NHS.

However, according to data released by the NHS in January 2021, there were only 18 prescriptions for unlicensed cannabis-based products dispensed in England between March and June 2020.

The reason for treatment via the NHS typically only occurs in extremely severe cases to support rare cases of epilepsy, nausea caused by chemotherapy or certain cases of muscle stiffness associated with multiple sclerosis. For those looking to explore medical cannabis, self-referring to a private clinic is the easiest way to obtain a prescription.

How does a private medical cannabis clinic work?

To be eligible for medical cannabis, all patients need to have tried two or more types of medicine, treatment or therapy as prescribed by a licensed professional, a GP or a specialist doctor for the condition they are referring to the clinic for. Patients also need to have no prior history of schizophrenia or psychosis.

At Mamedica, we offer the option for patients to check their eligibility for free via our online form available here. If patients are eligible for treatment, they have the option to book an online initial consultation directly with a specialist doctor or request a call back from our clinic team if they have any questions.

Prior to an initial consultation, a patient will need to upload their summary care record onto the Mamedica patient portal or enable access for our clinic to ask their GP on a patient’s behalf. A form of ID and an evaluation form will also need to be uploaded.

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What type of medical cannabis is available with a prescription?

At Mamedica, we offer unrestricted access to our full list of medical cannabis treatments which includes flower, capsules, cartridges and oils across THC, CBD and balanced profiles. All of which are EU GMP-certified medicines.


What is the cost of treatment?

Treatment via Mamedica is always led by a team of highly experienced specialist doctors, on hand to support patients find a personalised treatment plan that delivers results.

Initial consultations are £150 with follow-up consultations costing £75. The cost of medication can be discussed with your doctor but on average patients can expect to pay as little as £5 per day for their medication. For those on means-based benefits or a veteran, the Mamedica Access Scheme is available to access treatment at a reduced cost, discover more here.

Interested in medical cannabis treatment? Why not book a free call back with our clinic team to answer any questions you may have regarding access, treatment or costs. You can book here.