The cannabis terpene series: Exploring the therapeutic benefits of ocimene

What is ocimene?

Ocimene, also known as beta-ocimene, is a terpene found in many plants, including cannabis. It has a unique aroma and flavour profile with a range of health benefits that we will go over in this guide. Compared to primary terpenes like limonene and humulene, ocimene is present in smaller quantities within cannabis, making the ocimene terpene a secondary compound in cannabis plants.

Did you know?

Ocimene is believed to be part of a plant’s defence mechanism against harmful elements, acting as a protective agent while also attracting pollinators like bees. Research has revealed that plants release ocimene to deter pests and signal other plants to prepare for defence.

What does ocimene smell and taste like?

Woody, floral, and citrus aromas dominate ocimene’s complex scent profile. Its sweet, fruity, and citrusy flavour in combination with strong earthy, woody, and herbal notes has stimulating effects that likely contribute to the terpene’s energising qualities.

The flavour of ocimene is less complex than its scent. It tastes like citrus fruits and even has a hint of pineapple.

Where else can ocimene terpene be found?

“Ocimene” comes from the Greek word “ocimum,” which means basil. Appropriately, ocimene can also be found in basil. While other sources include:

  1. Mint
  2. Tarragon
  3. Parsley
  4. Mangos
  5. Lavender
  6. Hops
  7. Orchid flowers

Ocimene, apart from being naturally present in cannabis, is also added to everyday items such as antiperspirants, shampoos, soaps, fabric softeners, pest repellents, and hard-surface cleaners.

Its floral sweetness and diverse notes make it a popular ingredient in the fragrance industry.

What are the therapeutic benefits of ocimene terpene?

Although terpenes are non-psychoactive compounds, when combined with cannabinoids like CBD and THC, the ocimene terpene plays a vital role in the entourage effect.

Anti-inflammatory properties

  • Research indicates that ocimene possesses anti-inflammatory properties.
  • The study found that the ocimene terpene may help suppress bodily inflammatory substances such as histamine, which plays a crucial role in our immune system.

Antifungal properties

  • A study revealed that ocimene has antifungal properties and can be effective in treating fungal diseases like ringworm.
  • Additionally, ocimene exhibited antiviral properties in a study conducted on SARS-CoV.

Antioxidant properties

Which is the right terpene for my medical condition?

At Mamedica, our team of doctors will evaluate your medical history and recommend a strain that is safe and effective for your condition, taking into consideration the effects of the various terpenes.

To register as a patient with Mamedica, you can begin by checking your eligibility for medical cannabis here.

You can also take a look at our comprehensive library of information for more guidance on terpenes and the conditions we support.